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A Boy Named Sue.

March 10, 2012

Well, if you read my previous post, its only redeemable distinction is that it froze a snapshot, in medias rei as it were (in the middle of the predominating action, for those knucklheads afoot who preferred Pig-Latin the the actual dead language), of the reigning NFL champs erstwhile sleep-walking through the first part of their season.  History records that they woke up, like that second coming “slouching towards Bethlehem” to be born, or crowned yet again unlikely conquerors, leaving in their wake the mangled corpses of would-be contenders strewn along the pavement of the gridiron equivalent of murderers row, starting with the Jets and the Cowboys in the playoff swing of the second round of league play leading into the playoffs, and culminating with the awe-inspiring dragon-slaying of the much vaunted Patriots and their comic book hero Tom Terrific.


Ok, my point?  Well the only redeeming item possible in my previous rant comparing the Champs when they were down to the short-lived career of some reluctant cross-dressing obscure pop music figure in his undeservedly dubious fifteen minutes of fame, only to disappear into the scrapheap of history only to be revived for a nanosecond as a comedic mechanism in a defunct comedy series…. Ok, my point?

I am only hoping some NY Giant fan or team member read that blog and reported out to them that fandom at large considered them bearing the appearance of first class punks and chumps at that point in the season, and reported out to them, awakening in them such a fiery righteousness as to inspire them to pull of the most legendary of second halves of the season in NFL history, on their way to a more historic singular win in the Super Bowl.

If someone can corroborate this for me, I can promise to do my best to furnish them with a completely unblemished vinyl 45 vintage recording, not on scratch or pop to be heard, of Ol’ Johnny Cash’s classic country western classic of the hero legend who responded to a lifelong affront on his manhood to slay all naysayers who came his way in his adult life;  that old song you and I have come to know and love:  A BOY NAMED SUE!

Congratulations Giants!  Eli was not only coming; he came, he saw, and the whole damned crew conquered big time.  Well deserved and earned!!!!!


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  1. By the way, did you hear they got this new chick in Shalamar? All right, OK, I know, enough!

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